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You can store frequently repeated jobs or press-run layouts as a reusable template resource.

  1. Start a job and build the layouts that you want to save as a template.
  2. To save the layouts as a template, select File > Save As Template.
  3. In the Partial Signature Placement dialog box, specify where to position the partial signature relative to the full signatures when the template is applied.
    (Sometimes the number of run-list pages is not an even multiple of the number of pages in the full signature in a template. To prevent an excessive quantity of blank pages and to use paper and press time efficiently, you typically add a partial signature to templates.)
  4. Give the template a name, and select a location in the Templates folder
    • On the Mac OS: The name can be up to 31 characters long, including the .tpl file extension. Avoid using special characters, particularly if you might open this file on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows.
    • On Windows: The name can be up to 50 characters long, including the .tpl file extension. The name can contain spaces, but cannot contain any special characters, such as \ | : " " ? < > /
      Each unique press-run layout is stored as a template signature within the template's TPL file in the Templates folder. The new resource appears in the Templates list in the Layouts pane.

Note: When you apply a template resource to a job, the layouts are added to the JOB file, and the original template is no longer referenced. If you separately edit and resave the template that you used for this job, the changes are not automatically applied when you reopen the job. To apply the changes, you must reapply the template.

If you later rename a template file, the result is either two identical files with different names, or one file with two different names: one that you can see (external name), and one that Preps uses (internal name). The results depend on whether you rename the template from within Preps or outside of Preps.

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