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Use the tools and settings in the Press Runs List to manually build and manage a job's press runs. You can also use AutoGang, AutoSelect, product intent for assemblies, or JDF automation to generate the list. Selecting a press run, sheet, web, or side in the Press Runs List displays it in the workspace.
Tip: Drag the column edges to adjust their widths. Drag the column headers to rearrange the columns.

Duplicate Sheet

Adds a copy of the current press run with layout and without content.
Right-click this tool to insert a duplicate of the current press-run layout as a new web in the same press run. Adding a web to a sheetfed press run converts it to a web press run. When you use the Duplicate Sheet button to duplicate a press run, you can designate the number of duplicated press runs and specify whether to place them before, after, or between other press runs in the list.
Note: You can also designate number and placement when you duplicate or create new sheets using the Edit menu or a keyboard shortcut: Command+D or Ctrl+D for duplicating or Command+T or Ctrl+T for adding.

Delete Sheet

Removes the current press run and any layouts that it contains.

  • Right-click this tool to delete a web of the current press-run layout.

Move Down, Move Up

When you move a press run, the Press Run ID numbers are updated accordingly. Moving a press run up or down does not change the product section numbers.
Single View, Multi View

Press Run ID

This column lists the press runs by a sequentially assigned number, which simply describes its position in the list. You can expand a press run to display its component sheets, webs, or sides. Selecting a press run in this list displays it in the workspace and its settings in the Properties pane.

Work Style

View or select the work style that describes how the press prints the press sheet:

  • Sheetwise
  • Work and Turn
  • Work and Tumble
  • Perfector
  • Single-sided


Lists each product section that appears on this press run one or more times, identified by the product letter and product section number


Displays the actual content colors that are defined in the PDF input files (not editable).
Note: Use the Pages view to check for discrepancies between planned and actual colors.


The name of the stock resource that you assigned to this press run


The name of the media resource that you assigned to this press run


If a template was used to build this press run, displays the template name. Otherwise, a default Untitled name is assigned, with a number that increments for each existing Untitled template in the Templates list. If you save the current job as a template, the new name is displayed.

Template Signature

If a template was used to build this press run, displays the template signature name. Otherwise, an editable default name is assigned, starting at Untitled Sig 1 and incrementing for each unique layout.

Run Length

The number of times that this press run must run through the press to print the required product quantity.
For example, if a customer requires 5000 copies of a flat-work product, and you gang the product 5-up on the press run, then you will specify a Run Length of 1000.

Generate Press Runs

The required number of press runs and impositions is automatically generated, and the run-list pages flow into position according to the template page numbering.

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