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Use the workspace in the Pages view to check the alignment of the content within the trim box. You can reposition the content by dragging the page, or fine-tune the positioning by directly editing the dimension text boxes.

Select a page in the Pages List to display it in the workspace. Selecting a page also displays its settings in the Properties pane. To quickly select all pages, all odd or even pages, or a range of pages in the Pages List, right-click a product or part, and select an option.

Tip: To control which details are displayed in the workspace, use the View menu and workspace toolbar.

Page trims

You can view the following trims:

  • Trim box: Dark blue rectangle that initially represents the PDF file or the default page size for a placeholder page. After the run-list page is placed on a press run, the trim box is derived from the template page.
  • Bleed box: Red rectangle that is relative to the trim box
  • Page size: Green lines that show a PDF page relative to the trim box, adjusted when you reposition, rotate, or scale the PDF run-list page
  • Planned page size box: Pink rectangle that appears only if specified for an assembly's product intent


For pages that are already assigned to a layout, use this tool to select and drag the trim guides to reposition the content within the trim box.


Rotates the content of the previewed page in 90-degree increments without changing the template-page orientation


Moves your view of the workspace


Click the object or general area that you want to inspect more closely, or drag a marquee around a specific area.

Show Page Previews

Display a preview of all page content..

Show Dimensions

Displays the page dimensions, including any distances between the template-page trim box and the PDF content trim box. You must select View > Show Trim Box to use this option.

Page preview navigators

Select a page in the Pages List to display, and then use the arrow keys to scroll through the other pages in the current list.
The text box displays the run-list number of the currently previewed page, followed by the total number of pages in the current list.
To jump to a specific page within the current list, type its run-list number in the box.

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