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You can store default mark settings in a profile, including mark dimensions and text-mark fonts.

In Mac OS: Select Preps > Preferences > Marks.

In Microsoft Windows: Select Edit > Preferences > Marks.


Specify the following default measurements:

  • Rectangle Mark Width
  • Rectangle Mark Height
  • Crop Mark Distance
  • Crop Mark Length
  • Line Width
  • Fold Mark Length

Marks Place Order

Specify the order in which SmartMarks are placed on the press sheet:

  • First On Top
  • Last On Top

Text Marks

View the currently installed and designated default font for each of the following text-mark types:

  • General Text Mark Font
  • Roman Text Mark Font
  • CJK Text Mark Font
  • CJK Text Mark Font Preview
  • CJK Text Mark Character Collection

Sheet Marks

Use sheet marks: If you do not want to specify default settings for side guides and center marks, clear this check box. Selecting this check box activates the following options.

  • Place side guides: [ ] From [ ]: On sheetfed presses, side guides are used to position the sheet as it feeds into the press. Specify the distance that is needed between the center of the side guides and the edge from which you are measuring (this is the gripper edge).
  • Length of center marks: Specify the length of the center marks that indicate the top and bottom centers of the press sheet. The top center mark begins 3 mm (1/8 in.) above the press sheet, and the bottom center mark begins 3 mm (1/8 in.) below the press sheet. If you do not want center marks, type 0.

Other Marks

  • Add white KO under crop marks: Select the check box to include white knockout.
  • Add white KO under fold marks: Select the check box to include white knockout.
  • Step collation mark from offset origin: Select this option to start the collation mark at the selected origin plus offset value.
  • Ignore marks output error messages: Select this option to ignore warnings about marks not fully on media when printing.


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