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These release notes describe the changes made in Preps 7.x software. Where applicable, the release notes refer you to additional documents for more information.

The Preps software is a prepress tool that you use to create press run layouts for bound-work impositions, ganged flat work, and step-and-repeat work. You can work on the fly in an interactive workspace, use stored templates for frequently repeated layouts, and print the production output to common file formats. It also supports varying degrees of workflow automation.

You can impose PDF input files or unpopulated job pages for sheetfed or web press-run layouts, and packaging label and flexible bag printers, and send the output to any PostScript-compatible device such as a computer-to-plate (CTP) device, imagesetter, on-demand printer, digital printer, wide-format imposition proofer, or laser printer.

System requirements

See Installation.

Integration with the Prinergy Workflow software

Preps 7.5 is integrated and supported with Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7.5. Preps 7.5 is automatically installed with the Workshop/Workspace client software when you upgrade your Prinergy Workflow. Preps 7.5 is also supported with Prinergy Evo 6.1.3 or later.

Preps 7.1.3 is part of the Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7.0 software and is installed automatically with the Workshop update. Preps 7.1.4 is released as standalone software.

To confirm which version of Preps you have installed, select Help > About Preps 7 (Windows) or Preps 7 > About Preps 7 (Macintosh).

Licenses for Preps 7.5

See Licensing.

Licenses for Preps 7.1.3 (integrated with Prinergy Workflow 7.0 software)
Upgrades to Preps 7.1.3 from Preps 6.x or earlier are chargeable for customers who do not have a service contract that includes software upgrades. A Prinergy Workflow or Prinergy Evo license key containing a Preps 7.x license is required in order to upgrade. You must upgrade the Preps software together with your Kodak Prinergy Workflow software. In this case, Kodak Prinergy Workflow version 7.0 is required.

If you are using a floating license, you must upgrade the Preps software together with your Kodak Prinergy Workflow software. In this case, Kodak Prinergy Workflow version 7.0 is required to run Preps 7.1.3.

Licenses for Preps 7.1.4 (standalone software)
Preps 7.1.4 requires a Preps 7.x license key and can be licensed as a standalone application in two ways, using:

  • The new software-based licensing
  • Prinergy's floating license manager (FLIM)

The software-based licensing in Preps 7.1.2 and 7.1.4 replaces the previously used dongle-based licensing. Follow the instructions in the Licensing section to replace your dongle-based license with a software license or to activate your freshly-installed Preps 7.1.4 standalone software. 

To convert a software-based Preps license to a Prinergy floating license, you must upgrade to the minimum version supported by Prinergy before converting the license. Floating licenses provide additional flexibility by allowing a seamless transfer of licenses between workstations.

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