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You can print JDF output from any job, including jobs that were not based on MIS JDF data. You can save a JDF-based job as a regular JOB file, and you can also print it to any of the supported output types. 

JDF output files contain all the information needed to re-open and automatically reconstruct the job, for example, if a job needs to be re-plated. This is referred to as JDF roundtripping.

JDF output can be generated from any job, including jobs that were not started from JDF data. Other features of JDF output include:

  • If fold patterns are used, fold information is included in JDF output for use by JDF-enabled bindery equipment.
  • Color mapping and web-growth compensation are supported and can be configured in the Print dialog box.
  • In the Print dialog box, you can export CIP3 cutting data by embedding it inside the JDF output file or by printing the job twice: once to JDF, and once to PPF. Your method depends on the postpress system capabilities.
  • If the MIS JDF includes CIP4 folding data for setting up CIP4-compliant folding equipment, it is passed through in the JDF output.
  • Any Run Length values that you specify in a job's Press Runs List are included in the JDF output, in the Layout/Signature/@SSi:RunLength attribute.
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