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AutoGang presets apply specific settings and optimization priorities. 

Note: The default profile and any custom profiles share the same AutoGang presets, which are stored in a special configuration file called Autoganging.cfg.

  1. Select Resources > AutoGang Presets.
  2. Select a preset and choose a task:
    • To add a new AutoGang preset based on the currently selected preset, click [+].
    • To modify the currently selected preset, click Edit.
  3. Specify a name, and choose the media and stock that this preset will apply.
  4. Specify the margins that will determine the dimensions of the imageable area on the sheet.
  5. Choose the work style.
    If you select a two-sided work style, products will be autoganged in front-and-back content page pairs.
  6. Set the default gap limit between pages.
    Any bleed margins that are wider than this limit will be adjusted to fit this space.
  7. Choose whether AutoGang should optimize for digital printing (zero makeready), offset printing (default makeready), or print cost (actual calculated make ready).
    If you choose to optimize for cost, you must enter the total costs for press runs for quantities of 1000 sheets and 2000 sheets (including all costs that you want considered in the calculations).
    Note: The default offset printing option adds 200 sheets to the run length quantity as an approximation of makeready time and materials, or waste per press run.
  8. Specify the step direction for the autoganged layout of multiple-up products on a press run.
    Note: This can depend on whether an automatic or manual cutter is used.
    • Choose a specific direction if the items must be adjacent, to form blocks with horizontal or vertical cut lines.
    • If a specific direction is not required, allow the software to calculate the layouts based on cut efficiency.
      This can result in horizontal or vertical cut lines (or both) on a layout.
  9. If you choose cut efficiency, use the slider to indicate whether the autocalculation should make a quick decision or take more time to create a more efficient layout.
  10. If products or cut blocks can be rotated for the best fit, select the Allow Rotation check box, or clear it to prevent rotation.
  11. Choose if files will be autoganged on a first-in, first-out basis.
    If selected, the file that was in the hot folder for the longest time is included in the autoganged layout. Other files might also be included, depending on your optimization and step direction choices.
    Note: Skip this step if you are not using AutoGang hot folders in a Prinergy workflow.
  12. To create a new preset based on these settings, click Save as Preset.
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