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Mark rules for JDF automation and AutoGang

Mark rules define the criteria that determine which SmartMarks are added when press-run layouts are generated by AutoGang and JDF automation. Use the Mark Rules Editor tool to configure the criteria for each rule that you create, and select the marks and mark groups that are added by that rule.

JDF automation

The open-standard job definition format (JDF) is used by JDFcompliant systems to communicate data and automatically trigger specific job tasks. Experienced users with JDF training can set up profiles for varying degrees of job automation, and they can manually intervene in automation jobs, as needed.


The AutoGang feature makes intelligent decisions to determine which PDF pages constitute a complete flat-work product. It chooses the best positions for pages on the press sheets, based on the settings and priorities that you assign. You can review and adjust the results as needed.

AutoGang hot folders for Prinergy systems

The AutoGang feature includes a hot folder capability to fully automate job ganging for a Prinergy workflow system. You can set up as many AutoGang presets as needed to associate with the hot folders that you create.

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