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In Mac OS: Select Preps > Preferences > AutoGang.

In Microsoft Windows: Select Edit > Preferences > AutoGang.

Replace current sheet(s)

Select or clear the check box, depending on whether existing press-run layouts are to be replaced or retained.
Note: If this check box is cleared, the default press run that is available in every new job must be manually deleted.

Press Sheet Generation

Use the check boxes to specify whether to generate all the layouts for the entire AutoGang list. 
Tip: Clear the Replace current sheet(s) check box, generate first best sheets for different combinations of settings, and compare the results before generating all the layouts with the Create multiple sheets option.

Create multiple sheets (for selected products)

Generates press runs to lay out all the AutoGang products

Create first best sheet

Autoselects products and generates only the best possible ganged layout, based on the current settings. Any products that do not fit are not placed.

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