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PRINERGY On Demand: PRINERGY Analytics

This guide will help you with the PRINERGY On Demand PRINERGY Analytics tools, dashboards and additional capabilities.

What makes PRINERGY Analytics so unique?

PRINERGY Analytics takes the meta rich data that PRINERGY captures in its nature and provides relatable visual aids and exportable resources.

If you find yourself asking these questions, these may be the Dashboards for you... 

  • Archive Activity Dashboard - What are we Archiving, to where, when and how much? 
  • JTP Dashboard - All things JTP, everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask, about why, when and how?
  • PDF Creation Dashboard - How many PDF files have been created or replaced? Here is your source and more...
  • Separations Dashboard - How many separations? What is their distribution? What Process Template are most used?
  • INSITE Active Jobs - Do you have INSITE; do you find yourself wondering how many files per customer, what is the status or pages within due date? Then here is your dashboard. 
  • Job Activity Dashboard - A quick snapshot overview of all things relating to the PRINERGY job. With sub dashboards from Archiving, to Impositions, to your Process Template usage - lots to glean insight into! Oh, and speaking of which, there is ALSO a dashboard for InSite User Activity!
  • Server Metrics - Did you ever want to know how your system is performing? Snapshot of your systems CPU, Memory and Disk Usage, all in one!

Please review the following to give you a foundation on PRINERGY Analytics:

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