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New features and enhancements

Ability to apply Die Waste Mark to waste areas that are within the die stations (PLA-5022)

In version 8.0,  PLA added the ability to place Die Waste Marks around the outside of the die stations without encroaching the bleed. In version 8.4, you can now identify the waste areas that are within the die stations. 
For example, when you need to cut out pieces of board to create a locked base it might be possible to use the information that you can identify from the 'cut' line type for use as an anchor for the die station mark handling. If this is difficult, you can manually place marks for this purpose.

PLA 8.4 offers the following options for placing the mark in the waste area windows:

  • Place within cutline "Line type 1" within die
  • Place within "Line type number" within die
  • Distance from edge of line type to place mark

The mark will place the same type of numerical ID as the Die Waste mark: the first number (the one before the hyphen) identifies the number of the die station and the number that follows the hyphen identifies a location within the die station. For example 1-1,1-2,1-3, 2-1,2-2....

For more information, see the Waste Marks page in the Pandora 8.4 User Guide.

Known Limitations

PLA Client does not launch, the Client Configuration tab is missing or unable to save Preferences (PLA-4881)

When Prinergy is running on Windows Server 2012 or 2016 with RSS enabled, PLA is not able to retrieve the license information from Prinergy. It is also possible after restarting the Prinergy server, the Prinergy Floating License Manager is not yet running. To resolve, find the file in the LayoutAutomation\server\WEB-INF\classes folder on your Prinergy server. Open the file in a text editor and add a preference named LicenseServer=<IP Address of the Prinergy Server> substituting the actual IP address. For example, LicenseServer=

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