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New features

Intelligent use of waste areas in a layout

PLA 8.0 software can now access two new SmartMarks that provide more flexibility in complex layouts. The software's ability to easily identify waste areas in a layout is now coupled with an ability to place marks in those gaps for various purposes. Two marks can be especially useful for reducing waste and allowing for more cost-effective press runs.

Waste marks

The PLA 8.0 software can now access a SmartMark that gives you a way to use scrap to quickly identify areas where cutting dies need to be adjusted.

When you apply the Die Waste SmartMark (Die_WasteMark.pdf) to a job, PLA automatically applies unique numbers to the substrate areas that are outside the die and that will be discarded as waste when the cutting process completes. If you detect a problem with the way the job is cut, you can compare the number on problematic scrap with its counterpart on your proof or your layout in PLA, and adjust the die as needed. For more information, see Waste marks in the Pandora User Guide.

Split color bar

PLA 8.0 can now also access a SmartMark color bar that intelligently splits into multiple parts and positions the parts wherever there are gap areas in the die—at the top, middle, or bottom, nested between die stations. Placement depends on the size of the die. The color bar swatches remain in sequence so that the ink key scanner works correctly.

This flexibility in color bar placement allows you to minimize waste by using smaller substrate sizes, allowing for more cost-effective press runs.

For more information, see Converting a SmartMark Color Bar to a Split Color Bar in the Pandora User Guide.

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