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Note: PLA 7.5 was originally planned as version 4.5, but was adjusted to match the numbering that is now common across Kodak workflow products. There are no PLA versions between 4.0.4 and 7.5. Both a 4.0 and 7.5 license will work with PLA 7.5.

New features

Multiple Layout tickets can be exported or imported

From the configuration tab, it is now possible to use the Export Multiple button to save time when backing up numerous layout tickets. It is also possible to import several tickets that are in XML format at the same time using the existing Import function.

Change Dieline Preferences at User or Job level

This feature allows for flexibility when users need to define different dieline criteria for complex configurations. The user can choose to change his dieline preferences as a whole or simply edit the layout preferences for die settings when creating a new job.

Define colors as 'Do Not Use in Marks'

This feature provides parity to Pandora, which already contains this ability.

Job names can contain more than 31 characters

In PLA 7.5 software, you can define job names that are more than 31 characters. The Microsoft Windows OS still has a maximum path length which is 255 characters and this should be taken into account.


Installer and Updater will check the Prinergy version and warn if the version does not meet requirements

When installing or updating PLA 7.5, a warning message is shown if your system does not meet the minimum Prinergy version.

Preference Names and Default Property Values are easily accessible from the client

For PLA Administrator users on Mac or Windows, the items that are referenced in the file are now able to be viewed and edited using the Default Value Manager. If edits are made, it is necessary to restart the PLA server (or its daemons) to effect the changes.

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