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New features

Have stepped color bars end at set increments

Many bar code scanners require color bars to always end in a complete patch. This feature is available for use only with stepped-type Kodak SmartMarks. It allows you to define a trim increment. The trim increment value should be equal to the minimum square patch size in the color bar. If the value is left at the default (0), the color bar could end with an incomplete patch.

Mirror and/or rotate step-and-repeats

You can now mirror a step-and-repeat. In the Layout section of the Step & Repeat dialog box, two new buttons enable you to mirror the step-and-repeat vertically or horizontally.

Two-sided (front/back) layout support

PLA 4.0 introduces the ability to create two-sided layouts. Both the sheetwise and the perfector options are available from the new Work Style list and can be added to layout tickets. When
creating a new job, the default work style is single-sided. Select the two-sided options at any point during the layout creation process, and switch to other styles on the work in progress.

Resolving bleed path based on CAD file line type

Automate bleed path resolution by creating all the bleed with overlaps as a special line type in the CAD program that you use (for example, Esko Artios or Arden Impact). Configure the PLA
software to use this line type to create the bleed.

Support for Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

PLA 4.0 officially supports running the Macintosh-based client on Mac OS X 10.9 and Mac OS X 10.10.

Distributed processing capabilities

Use distributed processing capabilities to load balance jobs over multiple Prinergy Workflow secondary servers. This feature is not part of the standard installation package and must be installed and activated separately by a Kodak service representative. It is intended for customers with a very high job throughput. 

Contact your local response center to request installation.


Turn multi-layout creation on/off

You can add the new Create Multiple Layouts criterion to the job ticket. The check box for the criterion is selected by default and PLA makes multiple layouts if multiple artworks were added to the ticket.
When the check box is cleared, only a single layout will be created if you have added more than one artwork to a job and have not assigned all of them. Save the ticket for reuse with this check box selected or

Visual indicators of job ticket validation

The status window at the bottom of the job ticket is colored entirely green if job ticket validation succeeded, yellow if there are warnings, and red if it failed. This instantly indicates whether or not the job ticket
requires further attention or you can safely continue as all checks have been successfully confirmed.

New RBA rules added to the default PLA rule set 

The new RBA rules are bundled in the file found in the \\<servername> \LayoutAutomationSample\RuleSets folder. To use these rules, you must import the new rule set into the Prinergy Rule Set Manager and edit the rules for your system specifications prior to enabling them in your production environment. 

After import, update any RBA actions that show "RED" to match your system paths. Contact your local Response Center if you require assistance.


PLA Delete PLA Job and Layouts Only

Deletes PLA job elements, but doesn't delete Prinergy Workflow layouts or jobs

PLA System Level Rule-Versatile Layout Home

Creates a job in Prinergy Workflow before PLA layout creation. The PLA layouts are stored in each individual job, allowing for better file management and cleanup.

CAUTION: When using this rule, do not exceed the maximum length of a Windows file path, 255 characters.

PLA Delete Prinergy Layout-Versatile Layout Home

With this rule enabled, the Prinergy Workflow layout will be removed if an operator clicks a job in PLA and selects Delete.
CAUTION: There will be no warning and there will be no trace of the layout removal occurring.

PLA Import Prinergy Layout

PLA creates a new Prinergy Workflow job and layout when an operator drops a .jt file to the hot folder connected to this enabled rule. You
can then use PLA to revise marks without opening the layout in Pandora.


Create drop-down lists and have the same type of values defined as in Prinergy Workflow custom fields

You can define values for items that will be used in custom fields as the same types designated in the Prinergy Workflow software: Text, Integer, Decimal, Yes/No, or Date.

"Substrate" replaces "press sheet" references in the user interface

In the Kodak ShopMap palette and elsewhere in the user interface, the word "substrate" replaces "press sheet". For upgrades from previous PLA versions, the switch is seamless and all materials are mapped
automatically to the new category. PLA continues to support legacy naming in upgraded systems for marks files and in existing layout tickets.

Overwrite existing PLA configuration layout tickets

When you import a layout configuration ticket that has the same name as another ticket that already exists in the database, you can choose to overwrite the currently used layout configuration ticket.

Embed PPF data into PJTF output 

Embed CIP3 cutting data when you send the PLA job to the Prinergy Workflow software.

In Preferences, default units of measure and Substrate tab units are user-specific

Flexibility is provided for defining your own default units in the PLA Client.

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