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If PLA version 8.0 or later is already installed on the Prinergy Workflow primary server, you can upgrade the software. This preserves existing ShopMap, marks, layout tickets, and other configuration files. The upgrade files are available from Partner Place at

Note: If you are running a version earlier than 8.0, upgrade to 8.0 first. If your system does not meet this requirement, or if you need assistance upgrading to PLA 8.3, contact your local service representative.

Reminder for MIS users: When schema updates occur, please review and modify the MIS program to output XML that conforms to the latest PLA schema. Kodak does not provide programming services for specific MIS systems.

  1. Log on to Partner Place.
  2. On the Partner Place home page, select Service & Support > Prepress Software Downloads.
  3. In the Search box, type Prinergy downloads and click Search.
  4. From the search results, select the downloads page for your Prinergy Workflow version (for example, Prinergy Workflow 8.3 downloads if your Prinergy Workflow version is 8.3).
  5. On the Prinergy Workflow downloads page, scroll to PLA and download the compressed (.zip) PLA upgrade file to the Prinergy Workflow primary server.
  6. Extract the upgrade file to the Prinergy Workflow primary server. It contains the following files:
    • Layout Automation (the icons appears as a Windows directory)
    • (the icons appears as a Windows directory)
    • LayoutAutomationClientSetup.exe
    • PLAAutoupgradeApp.exe
    • LayoutAutomation 8.3.0 Installer.exe
    • LayoutAutomation 8.3.0 Updater.exe
    • PLASubService 8.3.0 Installer.exe
      Important: Do not remove LayoutAutomation 8.3.0 Installer.exe from the installation directory. All of these files must be located in the same folder. If they are not found at the same level, the installation will not complete successfully.
  7. Use Prinergy Administrator to stop the Prinergy Workflow software.
  8. Shut down and restart the Prinergy Server.
    Note: In some cases, certain processes such as the RBA Daemon do not stop completely if you only stop Prinergy. It is recommended that you shut down and restart the Prinergy Server to make sure that all the executables that the updater needs to replace are stopped. Once the server has restarted, confirm the Oracle Services have started. You are then ready to proceed with the update of PLA.
  9. Double-click LayoutAutomation 8.3.0 Updater.exe to start the upgrade, and then follow the prompts.
  10. When prompted, accept all existing defaults to preserve the paths used in the original installation.
    Note: You can ignore the following warning message if it appears: Failed to create share LayoutAutomationTemp. This shared folder was created by the original installation, and is typically locked by the system so that it cannot be overwritten.
  11. If you currently use any of the Kodak Plate Control Strip marks in your PLA layouts, on your Prinergy server:

    1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodak\LayoutAutomation\server\WEB-INF\classes 

    2. Using a text editor, open the file. 

    3. Add Mediator.UseNative=false

    4. Save and close the file.

  12. Use Prinergy Administrator to restart the Prinergy Workflow software.
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