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Configure and enable an RBA rule set that creates a layout, sets up the job in Prinergy Workflow, and creates an imposition proof when a PLA job is created.

Note: You can also configure the rule set to perform additional actions—for example, create a layout proof when the layout is successfully imported, and generate an e-mail message to notify a customer service representative or operator that the proof is ready for viewing.

  1. In Workshop, create a job or pre-job called PLATemplateJob that you will use as a template job for all jobs created from the MIS. 
    You will use this job later in this procedure.
    • For instructions on creating template jobs, see the Prinergy Workflow Workshop User Guide.
    • This step is not necessary if you have already created a template job.
    • To reduce the chance of the template job being accidentally modified or erased, create this job as a pre-job, which is less visible to operators. If this job is deleted, the RBA Create Job action will fail.
    • This job can also act as a repository for XML job tickets created by PLA. It must be preserved to prevent the loss of these tickets as templates.
  2. In Workshop, select Tools > Rule Set Manager.
    Do not open Rule Set Manager from within a job. 
  3. In the Rule Set Library pane, select the folder you created for storing system-level rule sets.
    Note: This guide uses PLA System Rule Sets as an example.
  4. Click File > Import and perform these actions:
    1. From the Program Files (x86)\Kodak\Layout Automation\Sample Files\RuleSets folder on the Prinergy Workflow primary server, select .
    2. Click Import.
      The PLA System Rule Sets folder now contains the following rule: PLA MIS Automation.
  5. Open the PLA MIS Automation rule set and configure the Create Layout action.
    1. To open the Create Layout action, double-click the line between the Read XML and the Create Layout actions.
    2. To set the Layout Output Path parameter (the location of the folder where you want the layout XML files to be generated), select the Layout Output Path box, and then browse to select the directory.
      Tip: Set this directory to be the PLATemplateJob\UserDefinedFolders of the template job created in the first step—for example, \\<server>\volume>\Jobs\PLATemplateJob\UserDefinedFolders. Using a standardized setup makes the system easier to troubleshoot by service personnel. When browsing to set the directory, select (do not open) the final directory before you click OK to set the path.
    3. To close the Create Layout action, click OK.
  6. Perform the Create Job action.
    1. Double-click the line before the Create Layout action.
    2. Set the Template Job parameter to PLATemplateJob. Do not use the job that has the hot folder (HotFolderJob). Use the job that you set up as the template job.
      Because this rule is being set up to drive automatic creation of layouts from XML data, you can set up RBA e-mail notifications. These notifications are sent to customer service representatives or operators when layouts have been successfully completed and automatic proofs made. Notifications can also be sent to alert customer service representatives or operators if any of the processes have failed. Find instructions for setting up e-mail alerts in the Prinergy Rules Based Automation User Guide
  7. Save the rule set and enable it for the hot folder job.
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