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The Marks tab displays the SmartMarks that are accessible by PLA jobs. The PLA software uses SmartMarks only. 

Before you start using PLA, browse to set the path in the Marks tab to your marks folder. See the Packaging Layout Automation Administrator Guide for instructions. 

A SmartMark is an intelligent mark that positions and resizes itself in relation to the object to which you anchor it: the substrate, plate, die, or other supplied options. If you replace the substrate, the mark repositions itself automatically. 

You can edit SmartMark settings in the PLA software, but you cannot create SmartMarks in PLA. To create SmartMarks, use the Pandora software, and then copy the SmartMarks to the PLA Marks directory. For information about creating and using SmartMarks, see the Pandora User Guide. 

Note: While you can access marks other than SmartMarks in the software, you can edit only the SmartMarks.

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