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To start the layout creation, enter data into the New Layout dialog box.

Note: The fields in the New Layout dialog box are user-configurable. They may have been renamed.

  1. On the Status tab, click New.
  2.  If there is more than one layout type in the Select a Layout Ticket dialog box, select the layout ticket template that you want to use. 
    (If there is only one layout ticket template, this dialog box does not appear.)
  3. In the New Layout dialog box, in the Job Name box, type a name for the new Prinergy Workflow job. 
    The layout is given the same name as the Prinergy Workflow job. This can be configured in RBA.
    Note: If you established the tabbing order when you configured the layout ticket, you can use the Tab key to quickly move through the remaining boxes.
  4. Complete the remaining boxes in the dialog box. Required data is indicated by .
    Tip: For boxes that accept artwork or dies, you can drag the artwork or die file from the Workshop user interface or your file management software to the box. You can also drag and drop artwork from the Kodak InSite Creative Workflow software. The file must be accessible from the Prinergy Workflow primary server. PLA does not automatically upload local files from the Client to the Prinergy Workflow primary server. 
  5. To determine if the data that you entered passes validation, click Validate.
    If the layout passes validation, you see the message: Information: Validation completed successfully.
    Note: If you want to save the layout data without sending it to Prinergy Workflow, click Save to File
  6. When you have entered all the data and the layout has passed validation, click Send to Prinergy.
    A job that contains the new layout is created in Workshop. 
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