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Referenced PR IDDescription

PLA must remember vertical offsets for layouts when using PJTF as Template [Old PRID: SZMA-1562]


PLA still requires values for Press Sheet size even when ASPS is used.


TOB_Sheet.pdf and TOB_Substrate.pdf can be imported into the same job.


[Two sides] Job fails if user assigns single page artwork and 2-page artwork on one die.


The check box for Create Multiple Layout is not selected when a job is sent to Prinergy, but when the job is completed and reopened, the check box is selected.


The value of Line Types to Exclude cannot be empty.


Bleed paths are not preserved when a PLA job is duplicated and sent to Prinergy.

Known limitations

Error message when opening old jobs using Merge [PLA-4851]

If you reopen Job Tickets in the PLA Manager for jobs that have undergone changes in Pandora and then select Merge, it is possible that it will indicate that the XML file is not a valid Layout Automation XML file. Select one of the following options:

  • To honor the changes made in Pandora, select UseChanges.
  • To return to what was in place in the original ticket, select Ignore Changes.

Copy Job Feature on Mac OS client does not launch new job window [PLA-4860]

On the Mac PLA Client, when you use the Copy Prinergy Job button and enter information about the job to copy, the job ticket window does not open when you click Do Copy. It is still possible to use the .JT file as a template for duplicating existing jobs or use the Windows client to use the Copy Job feature. This issue will be addressed in the next version.

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