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You can create XSLT files using a text editor or a software application designed specifically for creating XSLT files. Stylus Studio is one of the software applications that you can use to create XSLT files.

This procedure describes how to create an XSLT file using Stylus Studio 2009: XML Professional Suite Release 2.

  1. In Stylus Studio, select File > New > XSLT Stylesheet.
  2. In the Scenario Properties dialog box, click Cancel.
  3. To switch to the mapping view, click the Mapper tab at the bottom of the window.
  4. In the left column, click Add Source Document.
  5. Select the schema (XSD) or example file (XML) generated from the management information system.
  6. In the right column, click Set Target Document.
  7. Select the PLA schema at ...\Program Files (x86)\Kodak\LayoutAutomation\RBA\XML\TargetXML.xsd.
  8. To map each field in the source document to a field in the target document, drag the source field from the Add Source Document column to the target field in the Set Target Document column.
    A line appears connecting the source field to the target field. 
  9. (Optional) To add a default value to a field, right-click a target field and select Set Text Value. In the Literal Value dialog box, type the default value.
  10. Save the file to a location that is accessible by Rules-Based Automation. For example, ...\Program Files (x86)\Prinergy\RBA\LayoutAutomation\XML.
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