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Customer service representatives and operators are not usually aware that XML data has been sent from an MIS system to the PLA software. To alert them that XML data has failed validation, enable a notification
rule in RBA.

You must first set up an RBA email notification server in Prinergy Administrator. Instructions for setting up an RBA email notification server are provided in the Prinergy Rules-Based Automation User Guide

The main goal of using XML data from an MIS system is to create layouts automatically, without operator intervention. You can configure the PLA software so that it validates the data coming from an MIS system and fails data that does not meet the validation criteria. For example, for offset folding carton work, a validation rule could be set to fail if the referenced CF2 file is larger than the specified substrate size. You can also create a validation rule to detect when required information fields are blank.

If XML data fails validation, it is not sent to Prinergy Workflow and is held in the Layout Automation Job list with an Error status. A customer service representative or operator must open the failed XML in Layout Automation Manager, and correct the problem that caused the validation failure.

  1. In the Job Finder window, select Tools > Rule Set Manager.
    Note: Do not open Rule Set Manager from within a job.
  2. In the Rule Set Library pane, locate the folder you created for storing PLA system-level rule sets (in our example, PLA System Rule Sets), and open the PLA XML Validation Failed Warning rule set.
  3. To set the e-mail addresses of the people who should receive notification when validation fails, double-click the Email parameter and set these parameters:
    • To: <E-mail addresses>
    • Subject: There were validation errors in layout job <job name>.
      Note: The Subject of the e-mail message will appear as: There were validation errors in layout job <job name>
  4. Save the rule set and enable it at the system level.
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