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Note: Die Settings can be changed per user, and will not change the settings for other users with unique login credentials. 

Snap Artwork to Die

This setting determines which object is used to assign and align artworks to die files. You can use a Bitmap Dieline, Vector Dieline, or Trim Box from the PDF artwork. 

Honor bleed path in CAD file

Select this check box and type the Bleed Path Line Type value for PLA to use a bleed path line type set in your CAD software. See Resolving bleed path based on CAD file line type for more details.

Segment Search Criteria

This is a legacy setting that modified the algorithm used to generate a vector bleed path from a dieline. Pandora 3.0 and later uses a new raster bleed algorithm. The setting is no longer available.

Auto Snap Artwork to Die According To

This setting determines how PLA assigns artwork to die stations.

Full Name Of Artworks And Die Station assigns the artwork when the full name of the artwork matches the die station name. 

Number Of Characters To Match For Artworks And Die Stations assigns the artwork when the full name of the artwork matches the die station name.

Import Die Filters

Exclude top level

Top-level entities are any line, art, text, or other object that is not a die station (group or block). Exclude Top Level is a PLA software setting that removes any objects in the die that are equal in size to the whole die. For example, if lines trace the outer edges of the die, Exclude Top Level omits those lines, and the size of your die is set only to the outer boundaries of the remaining die stations. If you set the substrate size of your dies by using such lines, turn off Exclude Top Level. When this option is turned off, PLA uses the size of the die from your file, not from the die stations, so you must set the size of your die correctly in your CAD creation software.

Line Types to Exclude

Enter the line types that you want to exclude when determining die size for functions such as auto-size substrate. Certain line types are used for labels and other purposes. Check the CFF2
and DDES2 specifications for line types.

Size Based On

  • All lines in die file bases the die size on the outermost lines in the die.
  • All die stations bases the die size on all the stations in the die.
  • Line type allows you to select and specify a line type to use to size the die.

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