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If you are using the PLA System Level Rule-Versatile Layout Home rule set, you can copy an existing Prinergy Workflow job and use it to create a new job. Bleeds are retained and it is possible to replace existing artwork.

Important: It is not possible to use the Copy Prinergy Job option if you locked the artwork in the original layout. If you need to copy a job with locked artworks, open the original layout and unlock the artwork prior to using this feature in PLA.

Note: A complete change of a job name in Prinergy is not supported with the Copy Prinergy Job option. However, if you add a prefix to the job name for identifying the print site location after it is sent from PLA, it requires the use of the PrinergyJobNamePrefix.propeties file to allow PLA to find the Prinergy Job to Copy. This file is found at  \\<servername>\Program Files (x86)\Kodak\LayoutAutomation\server\WEB-INF\classes. It is necessary to add each site location name and its associated prefix to this file following the syntax SampleName=SN. If you are using PLA Distributed Processing, please ensure that the file on the secondary server(s) contains the same information as the one on the main PLA server.

  1. On the Status tab, click Copy Prinergy Job.
    The Copy a Prinergy Job dialog box opens.
  2. In the Input a new Prinergy job name box, type a new job name.
  3. Ensure that the Prinergy Job Home URL indicates the path where the Job is stored. For example: \\<servername>\AraxiVolume_<servername>_J\Jobs
    Important: This  path can be adjusted as needed to point to different job homes for each new Copy Job.
  4. To copy a job, select it in the Pick up a Prinergy job list.
  5. Choose a JT or PJTF file. If multiple layouts exist, confirm the selection.
  6. Confirm the layout ticket:
    Note: This should indicate the ticket that was originally used to create the job if PLA originally created it.
    • On an Apple Macintosh computer: Select a Layout Ticket Type list
    • On a Windows OS-based computer: Layout Ticket to use for new job list
  7. (Optional) To keep the existing artwork, select the Keep artwork in new Prinergy job box.
  8. Click Do Copy.
  9. In the layout ticket window that appears, complete the remaining boxes in the dialog box. Required data is indicated by
    Tip: For boxes that accept artwork or dies, you can:
    • Drag the artwork or die file from the Workshop user interface or your file management software to the box. 
    • Select Add InSite Files to add artwork or dies from the Kodak InSite Creative Workflow. The file must be accessible from the Prinergy Workflow primary server.
    • Note: The PLA software does not automatically upload local files from the Client to the Prinergy Workflow primary server. 
  10. Click Validate
    If the layout passes validation, you see the message: Information: Validation completed successfully
    Otherwise, resolve the issues indicated in the validation warning or validation error message. 
  11. Perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Send to Prinergy. A job that contains the copied layout is created in Workshop.
    • To save the layout data without sending it to Prinergy Workflow, click Save to File.
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