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In the Kodak Cloud Service Status page, you can view active incidents when they arrive, and easily access to subscribe to further updates via e-mail or SMS.

  1. Go to
    The Cloud Service Status page displays news items and all the active incidents and their status (Investigated, identified, Monitoring, Resolved).
  2. To subscribe to a specific incident, on the incident header, click Subscribe.
  3. To subscribe to all Cloud Service Status incidents and updates, click the Subscribe to Updates button. 
  4. Select the preferred method for getting notifications (e-mail notifications, SMS notifications, visiting the support site, or getting RSS feeds).
    1. To receive e-mail notifications whenever Prinergy Cloud Services status creates or updates an incident, in the Email Address box, type your e-mail address and click Subscribe via email.
    2. To receive SMS notifications, provide your phone number and click Subscribe via SMS.
  5. Select the areas and services from which you would like to get updates, and click the Update preferences button.
  6. Click the Current Status link to go back to view the status page.