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This Quick Start provides a short overview about the main functions of the Kodak sPrint One Console. It provides some demo data for trying out.


  1. After logging in, in the sPrint One Console, check your Workspace list. If the QuickStart workspace does not appear in the list,  follow these steps. Otherwise continue with the next section.
  2. Download one of the following xml files to your computer:
  3. Open the sPrint One Console.
  4. On the right-side of the window, click the Edit workspaces button.
  5. In the Edit workspaces window that appears, click the Import  button.
  6. In the Open window that appears, select one of the xml files that you downloaded earlier, and click Open.
    The QuickStart workspace has been added to your Workspace list.

Main window with header

The header is always visible and offers main navigation, user management and more. The navigation tabs, Planning, Products, Resources and Configuration lead to the four main areas of the Console.

Console elements
2Navigation: The navigation tabs Planning, Products, Resources and Configuration lead to the four main areas of the Console.

Workspace selection: This menu is for selecting a workspace. Each workspace holds its own, independent data.


Workspace creation and editing: Clicking the edit  icon enables you to Preparing a new Workspace.


Documentation: This icon opens the documentation.


User menu: This icon provides access to the user menu. Here, you can see details about your login credentials and edit your personal data. Depending on your rights you can also open the user administration.

Start a calculation

Right under the header in the Planning area, you find the control bar.

Click the Start  button to start a calculation. The result of the calculation will appear in the time scale (see next point). You see a green box representing a planned print job and a orange box representing a proposed print job. Click them to select them.


The Planning area is the control center of the sPrint One Console, where everything comes together. On the top-left side of the screen, the defined press are displayed and on the top-right side the time scale planning table with jobs is displayed. In the lower-left side, you can view the data from the optimized job planning and the print form layout. On the lower-right side you see a filtered list of print products, depending on the selected print job in the time scale.


When you click the Products tab, you can view all your print products with main information. When you select the check box to the left of each print product, it activates the selected product for the next calculation. On the top-left side, you can find information about the job status, such as Pending, Finished. or Ready for Press. On the top-right side, you can find the different job editing functions.


In the Resources area, you can find functions to create and edit presses, paper, and to link presses with papers for the production.


In the Configuration area, you can define and configure  layout and user interface options.

Learn more

Go to Kodak Dynamic Print Planning quick start guide or proceed with Logging in to the Kodak sPrint One Console

Note: If you want to refresh the browser periodically, you can install auto-refresh extensions that are suitable for your browser.

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