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Important: If you are upgrading your Prinergy Workflow system, the Kodak Prinergy Cloud software must be re-installed or upgraded as well. Upgrade and installation of the Prinergy Cloud software must be performed by your Kodak service representative. Therefore, you must coordinate with your Kodak service representative before you upgrade.

New Features and Enhancements

Kodak Dynamic Print Planning

Prinergy Cloud 1.2.2 provides you with a new SaaS offering, Kodak Dynamic Print Planning.
Dynamic Print Planning enables you to combine production planning and press optimization into a single integrated step for offset and digital printing applications.

Kodak Dynamic Print Planning enables job ganging, layout optimization, and print planning at the same time. It calculates and analyzes the best production options for all ready-to-print products as part of a cost optimized manufacturing plan. The optimization process considers all due dates and all available printing capacities, machine setup times and cost, and material cost. 

Decision Analytics: Prinergy System Performance Dashboards

Prinergy Cloud 1.2.2 introduces the following new dashboards:

  • Archive Activity—Provides visual information about the number of jobs that are archived on Prinergy Cloud relative to the number of jobs that are archived on the disk (server).
  • InSite Active Jobs—Provides detailed customer information about the total requests for approval, the number of pages that are pending final approval, and the number of pages that were approved, rejected, or required corrections.

Once the Prinergy Cloud 1.2.2 software is installed and configured on your Prinergy Workflow system, the Decision Analytics Dashboard enables you to view reports that highlight your print shop activities and your system performance over a period of time.

Prinergy Cloud 1.2.2 introduces significant updates to dashboards introduced in version 1.1:

  • Job Ticket Processor (JTP)—Now includes a KPI or Key Performance Indicator chart that displays aggregate active processing times and queue wait times for the entire system and or select combinations of JTPs
  • Page/Artwork—Now include a Density Chart or Heat Map, which visually display the days/times of the week where bottlenecks occur
  • Separations—Now include a Density Chart or Heat Map, which visually display the days/times of the week where bottlenecks occur

Note: The new and existing dashboards will display data only after the cloud agent is upgraded to the 1.2.2 version.

Collaboration options in the Decision Analytics Dashboard

The Decision Analytics Dashboard provides you with a mechanism that enable users to share and discuss their business data, and collectively make smarter decisions.

The Customer User collaboration mechanism includes the following features:

  • Annotationsenables you to add specific comments to your reports in the form of annotations. Annotations enables users to overlay knowledge on a report, pinpointing a specific section, to help the reports reader understand the actual events that created a particular trend in the data. 
  • Connectionsenables the user to connect with other users in the system. Connecting to a user means that you can see their activity in your timeline and post on their timeline.
  • Discussion topics—helps you to improve your decision-making process by collaboratively discussing an issue in conjunction with a range of the relevant supporting reports and data. 
  • Activity streamsprovides users with access to collaborative functions and information related to the content they are currently viewing. 

The Customer Management collaboration mechanism (for customer management users only) includes the following features:

  • Timelineenables users to track events that take place in the system, and collaborate with other users, or to manage the tasks they are associated with
  • Task managementtasks can be created and assigned to users for a variety of functions, from simple "to do" lists through data quality checks and content change requests. Each user can manage both tasks that they assigned to others and tasks that are assigned to them, through their Timeline.

Note: To use the collaboration features in the Decision Analytics user interface requires subscribing to more than one client license.

Known Issues

Ticket Number


Archive to Cloud is not supported with Emergency Plate Making and Hot Standby servers. When running from an EPM or Hot Standby server, access to Cloud Archives will be restored when the Prinergy Primary is brought back online.

If the Archive or Purge JTP currently reside on an EPM or Hot Standby server and you do not want to move them to the primary or a secondary server, then after running the Cloud Agent installer on the server to update the Archive and Purge JTPs you must disable the Kodak Cloud Agent service so it is unable to start.

sPrint One is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

The number of pages of LPV jobs that are imported via InSite Prepress Portal may not be reflected accurately in the InSite Active Jobs reports.

Fixed Bugs

Reference PR ID

Archives do not fail if the jobs have one or more of the following properties: deep folder structures, long folder or file names, or some files that contain alternate streams.


When analytic uploads fail, an error message with detailed explanation can be found in the log files.

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