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On the Archiving tab, you can view the following reports:

  • The Archive Storage per Server report—provides visual information about how much storage space is used by your archived job (in GB). The information is updated daily.
    Note: You can switch between the different servers by clicking the tab of the required server. 

  • The Total Data Transfer report—provides information about the volume of data transfer (in MG).
    Note: You can switch between the different time dimensions (such as year, month, or week). It is useful for viewing your site performance over days, weeks, or date ranges.

  • The Total Archiving Processes report—provides information about the actual number of archiving, retrieving, and deleting events.
    Note: You can click the title of a subtab (ArchivedRetrieved, or Deleted) to view the relevant information.

Note: An archived job is displayed in the Deleted report:

  • When you destroy a job on Prinergy—its archived files are deleted from the cloud.
  • When you archive a job for the second time, or when some of a job files are already archived, the previous archived job is deleted.

Note: When you use a week, a month, or a year selection for filtering, the report will display data from the first day of that period. For example, if you select Year, the displayed data is from Jan/01/2017.

Note: The analytics data for cloud archiving is updated once a day, so you will be able to view the updated archived and retrieved reports only the next day.

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