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New Features and Enhancements

Dynamic Print Planning—New calculation options

In sPrint One, the following new options for filtering products for calculations have been added:

  • Latest product deadline: This option enables you to split the product pool into two parts by defining a duration. 
  • Planning horizon: This option enables you to define a duration that limits the printing plan (result) that is being calculated to that duration. If, for example, the planning horizon is set to 8 hours, the calculation will produce a print plan that fills up press capacities for the next 8 hours, even if there are still more products in the pool. 

New installation process

The Kodak Cloud Agent installer is now available for end customers. Customers can download the Cloud Agent installer from Kodak Partner Place and install the components on the Prinergy servers on their own time.
Installation key is required (sent by Kodak support).

For more information about installing the new version of Prinergy Cloud, see Installing Prinergy Cloud Agent.

Kodak Prinergy Cloud Services Status page

Users can now subscribe to the Cloud Service Status page and view news items, active incidents and their status, and updates. 

For more information about subscribing to the Kodak Cloud Service Status page, see Cloud Services Status.

Known Issues

Ticket Number



On Prinergy secondary server, when you archive a job with pages that were reprocessed after the last job archive, the archive process hangs.

Workaround: You need to cancel the archiving process and archive the reprocessed pages separately, in addition to the archived job.

PCA-185If you copy a job that was already archived to Prinergy Cloud, you cannot retrieve the archived files from the copied job.

All the jobs that are approved (Including the deleted jobs) are displayed in the InSite Active Jobs dashboard in the Analytics report.

DPP-511In a CSV file, the DPP-deviceCat custom field cannot contain the following special characters: white space, a comma (,), or a dollar sign ($).

Archive to Cloud is not supported with Emergency Plate Making and Hot Standby servers. When running from an EPM or Hot Standby server, access to Cloud Archives will be restored when the Prinergy Primary is brought back online.

If the Archive or Purge JTP currently reside on an EPM or Hot Standby server and you do not want to move them to the primary or a secondary server, then after running the Cloud Agent installer on the server to update the Archive and Purge JTPs you must disable the Kodak Cloud Agent service so it is unable to start.

sPrint One is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

The number of pages of LPV jobs that are imported via InSite Prepress Portal may not be reflected accurately in the InSite Active Jobs reports.

KA-1043Customer names created with double-byte fonts, such as Chinese or Japanese character fonts, will fail to provide information when drilling down to the Page Status per Customer report.

Fixed Bugs

Reference PR ID



Archives do not fail if the jobs have one or more of the following properties: deep folder structures, long folder or file names, or some files that contain alternate streams. (Fixed in 1.2.1)


When analytic uploads fail, an error message with detailed explanation can be found in the log files. (Fixed in 1.2.1)

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