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PRINERGY Cloud services offer Printers new ways to minimize cost and risk with increased operational efficiency. All PRINERGY Cloud services are ANALYTICS ENABLED, providing robust business intelligence tools to harness your data into actionable, fact-based decisions.

Benefits include:

  • Single cloud-based platform hosted by leading service provider
  • Scale intelligently as needed 
  • Unique ability to leverage today’s investments in the future as you expand
  • Faster and more affordable deployment of workflow automation
  • Reduce infrastructure cost and risk while delivering operational efficiency
  • Cross-service analytics for better decision making

PRINERGY Cloud File Archive and Backup

PRINERGY Cloud File Archiving and Backup service is a new way to protect your business’ critical assets. Your archiving workflow is now streamlined with automatic file backup “built in”, making your process more efficient, more cost effective and more secure.

As with all of the PRINERGY Cloud services, File Archive and Backup is ANALYTICS ENABLED, allowing you to track your account activity.  You will have visibility to the number of archive/retrieve actions as well as the amount of data copied to and from the PRINERGY Cloud.

Benefits include:

  • Easy setup and use drives operational efficiencies
  • Scalable data storage options allow you to purchase storage only when you need it
  • Automation built-in

Fast and affordable workflow functionality delivered in the Cloud

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