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  • A modern computer with a modern, up-to-date browser, such as Firefox, Safari,or Chrome and access to the internet.
  • Valid credentials to access Prinergy Dynamic Printing; a Tenant ID, a User ID, and an initial password.

Logging on

  1. In a Web browser, type the URL that was provided to you by Kodak as part of the activation process. 

  2. In the Login dialog box that appears, type your Tenant ID, User ID, and your initial password.
  3. (Optional) Select your preferred language.
  4. Click LOGIN.
    The Kodak sPrint One Console appears.
  5. If you are logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to select units of measurement, currency, and to create a quickstart workspace.
  6. If you decided not to create a quickstart workspace, the Console window appears, prompting you to create a new workspace. 
    Note: When a Kodak Prinergy Cloud upgrade is performed in your region, you need to reload the sPrint One page and log in again.

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