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Note: The InSite Active Jobs tabs provides information about all the Insite Prepress Portal jobs that are active (not completed).

Note: Jobs that are approved but does not have the Completed state are displayed in the reports.

On the InSite Active Jobs tab, you can view the following reports:

NumberName of report/chartDescription
1Page Status per Customer

Provides detailed customer information about the total requests for approval, the number of pages that are pending final approval, and the number of pages that were approved, rejected, or required corrections.

You can drill down by clicking a customer name and view the same details (such as, total requests, pending for approval, and rejected) for each of the customers' jobs.
Note: To view the name of the customer that you are currently viewing, click Show Drill Down.


Page Status Summary

Provides visual information about the number of InSite pages that were approved, pending for approval, rejected, or waiting for corrections.

3Jobs with All Pages Approved Provides a list of jobs that all their requests for approval were approved.
4Pending Approval Pages by Due Date

Displays visual information about the total number of pages, for which an approval was requested but were not approved yet (per customer). This report enables you to evaluate the customer's responsiveness. The report does not include jobs that all their pages were approved.


  • If the approval due date has passed, the date is displayed in red.
  • To find a specific job, click the + button on the right to open the report, and then sort the Job Name column by ascending/descending order.

By default, the due date is set to display the information of the last two weeks and onwards. 

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