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Welcome to the user guide for the Kodak Pandora step-and-repeat software. This user guide contains information for the standalone software version as well as Pandora used in integrated mode (accessed from the Kodak Prinergy Workflow software).

The Pandora step-and-repeat software is a packaging and label layout application that you use to import, align, and step-and-repeat artwork and marks quickly and easily, to create a job file ready for printing. Pandora uses PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format), PJTF (Adobe Portable Job Ticket Format), Oracle Java, XML (Extensible Markup Language), CIP3 PPF (Print Production Format), and JDF (Job Definition Format) technologies.

Pandora 8.4 is compatible with the Kodak Packaging Layout Automation (PLA) 8.4 software (for Prinergy Workflow 8.x or later).

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