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Important: The following information is only applicable when not using the new default bleed algorithms. If the items described are not available in the dialog box, it means the new algorithm is in use. To use the old algorithm, open the file and set the value for Die.UseNewBleedExtractionAlgorithm to false. Restart Pandora for the changes to take effect.

On rare occasions, you may find that the software creates an incorrect bleed path. You can modify the bleed path by adjusting the attributes of the die in job properties, or for all bleeds in Preferences. When Pandora generates a bleed path, the most common cause of an incorrect bleed path occurs when it traces only a portion of the die station. You can quickly correct this by changing your Segment Search Criteria from Greater Angle to Lesser Angle, or vice versa.

  1. Select the die.
  2. In job properties > Attributes, select the Bleed tab.
  3. In the Segment Search Criteria area, select Lesser Angle or Greater Angle.
    If Pandora traces only a portion of a die station rather than the entire shape, changing this setting forces the software to trace an alternate path around the file, and may help it find the correct shape.
  4. If modifying the angle does not correct the problem, try adjusting the Distance and Tolerance values.
    Pandora uses Distance and Tolerance values when tracing the boundaries of a die station, and needs to find the next line to trace. Increasing the Distance value helps Pandora to correctly trace a file that has small gaps between lines. Decreasing the Distance value helps in cases where lines in the file overlap slightly. Decrease Tolerance if you find that Pandora takes a long time to generate the bleed paths where Distance is critical. The list next to these values offers three recommended settings.
  5. If the software takes a long time to generate a bleed path in a complex file, increase the Arc Flattening value.
    Increasing the arc flattening value may sacrifice quality because it adjusts the smoothness of curves in Pandora-generated bleed paths. Decreasing the arc flattening value produces smoother curves, and may be preferable if accuracy is critical in tight bleed situations.
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