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Step-and-repeat is a time-saving technique used to duplicate objects (artwork, marks, and groups of artwork and marks) many times. Dies and locked layout objects cannot be stepped and repeated.

You can step-and-repeat artwork without the use of a die by specifying the horizontal and vertical offsets. When you use offsets, you measure from a particular point on one copy of the artwork to the same point on the next copy of the artwork (such as from center to center), using a number that includes that distance plus the width of the space you want between the two pieces of artwork.

You can also create a step-and-repeat by adding an artwork to a substrate, clicking it, selecting the StepRepeat tool from the toolbar, and then dragging it across the substrate surface to create the n-up layout.

Or, you can use the Smart Layout feature to create ganged layouts intelligently using color sorting technology. You can also build Smart Layouts by populating the fields for product quantities, grain direction, step angle, priority, and bleed settings with values from an imported Excel CSV file.

The step-and-repeat functionality of Pandora lets you dynamically create and update a step-and-repeat placement, enter gap values, create a staggered layout (that is, staircase or castletop), and create a layout that wraps around a cylinder. You can easily create several step-and-repeat layouts in the layout view.

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