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You can build a Smart Layout by importing an Excel file. The file provides values that Pandora software uses to automatically import the artwork and automatically populate fields for product quantities, grain direction, step angle, priority, and bleed settings. 

Use these examples and the guidelines that follow them to create Excel files for use with the Smart Layout feature.

For Macintosh computers:  


For Windows OS-based computers: 

Guidelines for values

Use these guidelines to format the Excel file according to the rules that Pandora software uses for the Smart Layout feature. An improperly formatted file will result in an error when you attempt to import it. 

Guidelines for all parameters

  • You must provide a value for each parameter. Do not leave any field empty.
  • Do not use these these characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )

Parameter-specific guidelines

  • Artwork name: This value must match the file name that is specified in Artwork localing.
  • Artwork localing: Ensure that you provide a valid path to the artwork file. Check that there are no typographical errors in the path and that you can use the path to browse to the artwork that you have specified.
  • Grain Direction: Use one of these values: ShortLong, or None.
  • Step Angle: If you were creating a Smart Layout manually, this is the value that would be provided for Artwork Rotation. Use a non-negative number.
  • Priority: Use one of these values: HighHighestLowLowest. These values are case-sensitive.
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