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Unlike traditional plates, certain types of gravure cylinders or flexographic sleeves have no leading edge; they are continuous. When you create staggered layouts for a cylindrical imaging area, the height of the layout is often larger than the circumference of the cylinder. When representing the cylinder on a flat plane in the layout, the software must "wrap" the layout by copying parts of artwork that hang off the top of the substrate, and adding them to the bottom of the substrate.

Note: To avoid artifacts at the boundary of the layout, you must use a workflow system such as Prinergy Workflow or Prinergy Evo Workflow that supports seamless screening.

  1. Create a step-and-repeat layout.
  2. Right-click the layout and select Edit to open the Step & Repeat dialog box.
  3. In the Layout area, select Wrap Top to Bottom.
    Artwork that partially overhangs the top edge of the substrate is cropped at the substrate edge, and the cropped data is positioned along the bottom of the substrate so that no data is lost.
    The overhanging row still appears as an empty box that indicates where artwork will be cropped on output.
  4. Click OK.

Note: If you wrap using a die, you must place the die on the layout, snap your artwork to the die, and then remove the die and wrap the layout.

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