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The Create Dummy Artwork dialog box lets you specify a name and the trim box dimensions for an artwork that is still in the planning stages. You can use this placeholder when the customer artwork is not available or if the artwork will be added by a workflow system downstream. The placeholder can be swapped later in the production cycle with the 'live' artwork.

  1. Select Object > Create Dummy Artwork.
  2. Select the Unit of measure.
  3. Type a name for the Dummy Artwork.

    Note: if the name has already been used, a warning message appears. Choose an alternate name for the Artwork file.

  4. In the trimbox area, type the width and height dimensions required.
  5. Click Create.
    The artwork is added to the Content tab in Job Properties.

Tip: This artwork can now be used to create a Step-and-Repeat. If using a Prinergy Workflow, print the layout to PJTF - Kodak Prinergy. The layout with the dummy artwork can be imported and the live production artwork can then be assigned to the artwork set when it is refined.

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