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If the defined work style for the Pandora job is two-sided (either sheetwise or perfector), you can assign artwork to the back side of the layout. Until you do, Pandora adds a dummy step-and-repeat to the back side to show where artwork needs to be placed.

  1. In job properties, define the work style as two-sided (either Sheet Wise or Perfector).
  2. On the current side, create a step-and-repeat.
  3. Select Object > Flip Side or press the Flip Side button ( ) on the toolbar.
  4. Select the step-and-repeat.
  5. Snap the artwork to be used on the opposite side to the step-and-repeat.

Tip: On the job properties pane, Layout tab, use the transparency sliders for the current and opposite sides as needed to show back-up and alignment of the layouts.

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