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A SmartMark is an intelligent mark that positions and resizes itself in relation to the object to which you anchor it: the substrate, film, plate, or die. If you replace the substrate, the mark repositions itself automatically. You can reposition a SmartMark by editing settings in the Mark Settings dialog box, or you can create multiple copies of a mark in the dialog box and specify the position of each one. These marks contain information that the software uses to define their appearance. After you place a SmartMark in a job, you can unlock it and reposition it, but the mark may no longer be considered "smart." It becomes "smart" again when you lock it. You can make SmartMarks appear above or below other objects on the layout.

The Pandora software includes four types of SmartMarks: color bars, take-off bars, bearer bars, and position marks (center marks and side guides). You can also change any simple mark into a SmartMark by double-clicking it on the Marks palette, then clicking Convert to SmartMark. A SmartMark has a different icon than a simple mark.

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