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There are two ways to back out of overlap edits. You can revert, which returns all selected bleeds to their original state from when you opened the job or created the bleeds during this Pandora session, or you can undo, which cancels the most recent bleed edit. You can undo any number of bleed edits, one at a time, working back toward the original state that the job was in during this Pandora session.

You can revert to the original overlap state.

  1. Select the artwork that you want to revert. To select multiple placements of the artwork, hold down the Shift key as you click each repetition.
  2. Select Object > Revert Bleedpath.
    You can undo one or more overlap edits.
  3. Select Edit > Undo. Repeat this step to undo other bleed edits, one at a time, in reverse order.
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