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A mark set is a folder of marks that you can apply to jobs by dragging the folder from the Marks palette. SmartMarks included in the mark set retain their smart functionality and position themselves automatically. Simple marks land on the job in a stack and you drag each mark into place.

  1. In Macintosh Finder or Windows Explorer, create and name a new folder for the mark set within the Pandoraversion\Marks\User folder.
  2. In Macintosh Finder or Windows Explorer, copy and paste each mark that you want included in the mark set into the new folder.
  3. On the Marks palette, click the option arrow, and select Refresh.
  4. (Optional) For each SmartMark in the set that you need to edit, select the mark on the Marks palette, and select Edit from the options menu or the bottom of the Marks palette.
  5. In the SmartMark Settings dialog box, edit the settings for each SmartMark as appropriate, and click Save.
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