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Create the label mark

This procedure summarizes the steps for creating a label mark. Use the help files for your version of Adobe Illustrator to confirm where in the user interface you can perform each step.

Create the mark

In this example, create a mark with a variable that is replaced with the computer's system time:

Create an insertion point on the artboard and then type:  Time: <Time>
Note: The text between the brackets is case-sensitive. It must be capitalized as shown. 

Set the kerning and tracking

This step ensures that the text appears correctly in the final output:

With all the text selected, find the Character palette and set the kerning and tracking values to 0

Set the page size

This step ensures that the mark can accommodate the text that Pandora fills in for the variable:

Find the Document Setup dialog box, select Artboard, and type the desired mark dimensions in the Width and Height boxes.

Set the ruler origin point

This step ensures that the mark outputs correctly on a Prinergy system:

Reposition the text mark on the artboard so that it is flush with the left edge, select Show Rulers, and double-click the upper-left corner where the rulers intersect.

Delete styles and colors from the job

Remove all graphic styles, brushes, and symbols from the palette and delete all colors in the job other than White and Registration.

  • In the Swatches tab, select all the swatches except White and Registration, click the trash can, and confirm the deletion.
  • Repeat in the Graphic Styles, Brushes, and Symbols palettes.
Change the White swatch to Registration

Double-click the white swatch, and, in the Swatch Name box, type Registration. Do not use the default Registration color swatch. Pandora does not interpret this as a registration color.

In the Color Type box, select Spot Color.

In the Color Mode area, in the C, M, Y, and K boxes, type 100.

Change the text to RegistrationSelect the Text tool, select the text you created (Time: <Time>), and click the Registration swatch.

Save the mark as a PDF file

Follow the procedure in the Adobe Illustrator help files for saving the mark as a PDF file, ensuring that you:

  • Select the option to embed all fonts.
  • Clear any option for subset fonts.

Modify the mark in Adobe Acrobat

Before you can use the mark in Pandora, you must edit the label mark in Adobe Acrobat. You must use the full version of Acrobat, not Acrobat Reader.

In Adobe Acrobat:

  • Confirm that the fonts are embedded and not subset.
  • Use the Adobe Acrobat help files to find the dialog box where you can specify keywords, and, in the Keywords box, type Label.

Use the mark in Pandora

To import the PDF file into Pandora as a mark:

  1. In Pandora, on the Marks palette, click the Import icon.
  2. Navigate to the mark and select it.
  3. Click OK.

To test the mark:

  1. Create a new Pandora job that contains a substrate, an artwork, and the mark.
  2. Print the job to a PDF file.
  3. Open the PDF file in Acrobat.
    If the mark was created correctly, the bracketed text is replaced with the time that the job was printed. 


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