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In some situations, you may want to convert the original version of a SmartMark in the Marks palette to a simple mark.

  1. On the Marks palette, click the simple mark you want to convert.
  2. On the Marks palette, click the option arrow, and select Edit.
  3. In the Placements box of the SmartMark Settings dialog box, select each instance of the SmartMark one at a time, then click Delete until all instances are removed.
  4. Click Save or Save As.
  5. A warning message appears, explaining that the mark will be changed to a simple mark. Click OK.
    If you clicked Save, the mark is saved in its original location as a simple mark.
  6. If you clicked Save As, the Save As dialog box opens, and you need to browse to the location where you want to save the mark, type a name in the Name box (Macintosh) or File name box (Windows), then click Save.
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