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In situations where a die does not exist, you may want to bind a mark to an artwork, modify the mark's properties (for example, font or style), and copy the mark to all instances of the artwork on the layout. This can be useful for adding text or color information to the glue tab of labels.

  1. Select the artwork, select the mark, and from the Object menu, select Bind Mark to Artwork
    The binding status of a mark is indicated by the Bound icon on the Geometry palette. When the selected mark is bound, the Bound icon appears. If the middle circle and artwork are missing, the mark is unbound to the artwork. However, the Bound icon indicates the mark's binding status only when the mark is selected. Selecting the mark and the artwork will indicate the mark is unbound. 
  2. Select the bound mark, and from the Object menu, select Apply to All.

The mark binds to all instances of the artwork (based on the name of the artwork PDF), regardless of the location or rotation, appearing with an animated marquee rectangle. When you move or edit one bound mark, all instances of the mark change relative to the artwork to which they are bound. Removing an artwork removes all bound marks, but copying an artwork retains only selected bound marks.
Note: Selecting the artwork will highlight all marks bound to that artwork.

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