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OpenSelect and open a CF2 or EPS file for editing.
SaveSave the open file.
Save As

Save the open file with a new name and/or location that you specify.


Export the file for use in editing programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

ReloadReload the last saved version of the open file.
Add DieAdd pattern files (CF2 or EPS) to the original.
QuitQuit the application.

UndoUndo the last item.
Zoom upZoom in on the Preview pane.
Zoom downZoom out on the Preview pane.
Zoom to FitZoom the Preview pane to fit its contents.
Zoom toZoom the Preview pane to a percentage that you specify.
PreferencesOpen the Preferences dialog box.

Adjust Sheet Sizes

Recalculate the sheet size to fit the outer boundaries of the die.

Unique die per stations

Create unique dies for all stations (duplicating dies for multiple station dies). The new die name is <original die name>_<index of the station>.

Clean CF2

Remove unused or empty patterns to the CF2 file and eliminate similar redundant patterns. Also check for pattern rotation to compact the file.


Allow automatic correction of the patterns. Use this setting with caution, because the automatic algorithm cannot determine whether a line in the pattern
is a cut line or another type of line. Also, the algorithm can only close a pattern with a straight line from the last available point it can find in the sequence.

Join Dies

Concatenate the values of two (or all) of the patterns in the stations. 

Rescale CF2

Rescale the complete file by a given factor, only for scales between 1/100 and 100.

Collect non cut lines

For flat files after the extraction of individual dies, assign remaining non-cut lines from the original pattern to the extracted dies if possible. 

AboutShow the version number of CAD Correct.
InstructionsOpen the User Guide.
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