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A variety of marks are available in the Pandora software, and you can access them from the Marks palette. You can also import custom PDF marks to the Marks palette. Marks must be in PDF format. For information about saving marks in the Pandora software, see Creating marks in Adobe Illustrator for use in Pandora software. (This document is also available in the Documentation folder.) You add a mark to a job by dragging it from the Marks palette to the required location in the layout view.

You can preview a mark by clicking it on the Marks palette. You add custom marks to the User folder. You can also set up a hierarchy of subfolders within the User folder to organize your marks, and you can create a folder of marks (mark set) that you can apply to jobs by dragging the folder from the Marks palette.

Some of the provided marks are SmartMarks that have intelligent functionality. You can edit a variety of settings for SmartMarks, and you can convert marks to and from SmartMarks.

You can also create mark sets that you can save and reuse.

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