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CAD Correct is a utility for Kodak Pandora step-and-repeat software that allows you to:

  • Create a stepped CAD file from an existing 1-up artwork
  • Correct CAD files that have not been properly prepared

For jobs where a CAD file does not exist, you can create one using the die line separation from the 1-up artwork, if it exists. CAD Correct can import an EPS file of the die line separation, identify the die lines, step it to create the die layout, and produce a CF2 (Common File Format 2) file for Pandora software. 

When a stepped die file is incorrectly prepared (for example, it contains unknown line types), CAD Correct allows you to define the outer die lines so Pandora software can determine the location and number of 1-up positions. The file can then be saved as a CF2 file appropriate for use in Pandora software.

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