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You can configure Pandora software to automatically size a flexo plate based on margins that you specify when a substrate is added to the layout. The software will prompt you to accept the pre-defined flexo plate size based on the default margins you configured or you can enter new dimensions for height and width of the flexo plate. See also Replacing existing flexo plate using Auto Sized Flexo Plate.

Note: When Auto Flexo Plate is selected, all other ASPS settings (including Plate) are deselected and inactive. If a Press has been attached to a substrate, there will be a warning message: Auto Flexo Plate selected, but a Press has been attached to substrate. All Press offsets will be ignored.

  1. Select Pandora > Preferences (Macintosh) or Edit > Preferences (Windows).
  2. In Preferences, select the Substrate tab.
  3. In the Automatically Sized Substrate area, select FlexoPlate.
  4. In the Create Auto Flexo Plate area, perform the following actions:
    1. In the Units list, select millimeters, centimeters, or inches.
    2. Type an amount for wider than substrate.
    3. Type an amount for taller than substrate.
      Note: Margins will be displayed as Read-Only values. Center substrate horizontally and Center substrate vertically are auto-selected and are Read-Only values also. 
  5. Click OK
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