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Your Prinergy Cloud service will be deployed and managed by Eastman Kodak in a hosting facility that is operated by Microsoft.

The service environment consists of:

  • The Prinergy Cloud connector software, which is installed on your existing Prinergy Workflow system
  • A production instance of the Prinergy Cloud service to which you have subscribed

User access to the service environment is provided using the Prinergy Workshop software application and/or a Prinergy Cloud Decision Analytics dashboard, accessed through a standard web browser. 

Prinergy Cloud has the following service level targets:

Cloud Service

Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Target System Availability

Prinergy Cloud

30 Days

48 Hours


You are solely responsible for ensuring that data stored on the Prinergy Cloud is in compliance with all applicable laws or regulations. 
You are responsible for all damages and liabilities that result from data loss during transmission, storage, or retrieval from the Prinergy Cloud. 

Prinergy Cloud: Data Center Regions 
The following table defines the locations where your information will be stored.

Geographic region



North America
Latin America
South America

East US (Virginia, US)

West US (California, US)

Western Europe
United Kingdom
Eastern Europe
Middle East

West Europe (Netherlands)

North Europe (Ireland)

Asia Pacific

Japan East (Tokyo, Saitama)

Japan West (Osaka)

Prinergy Cloud DR Backup Service Data Centers

Geographic region




US NorthCentral

US SouthCentral


Germany North

Germany WestCentral


Japan West
Japan East
AustraliaAustralia EastAustralia Southeast

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