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A viewing booth is required to view hard copies or press sheets.

You must use a viewing booth and bulb that is manufactured by GTI or JUST Normlicht.

Note: If you use a viewing booth produced by another manufacturer, color misalignment between hard copy proofs and virtual proofs may occur.

You must also ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The correct lighting type—GTI, JUST Normlicht, or other (theoretical D50) is selected from MVCalibrator > Settings > Select Light Source, in order to optimize for spectral differences between lighting systems.
  • Ambient light is reduced to a minimum. In a viewing booth, try to keep the ambient light that reaches your reference hard copy proof to 10% or less . You can determine the percentage of ambient light that reaches your proof by using a colorimeter to measure reflected light when the viewing booth is turned on, and measuring again when the viewing booth is turned off.
  • The monitor is viewed directly from the front (on-axis). If you view off-axis, either horizontally or vertically, you will experience a significant color shift.
  • The viewing booth must be dimmable so that you can match the luminance in the viewing booth to the monitor luminance.

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